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            Hand Tracking made simple

            Let your hands talk to technology

            • ManoMotion provides a framework for real- time 3D gestural analysis. Minimal hardware, minimal computing power. All that’s required is a simple RGB camera found in everyday smartphone.

            How it

            • we develop solutions for

              AR/VR/MR glasses and headsets

              Bring total immersion and full interactivity in AR/VR/MR. We’ve implemented our solution to allow users to see and intuitively use their hands in virtual and augmented environments.

            • we develop solutions for

              Mobile AR/VR

              ManoMotion provides a gesture recognition framework that allows precise and realistic hand tracking and gesture control for any mobile game or application in Augmented and Mixed Reality.

            • we develop solutions for


              Bring gesture based control and interactivity to in-vehicular systems, smart mirrors and interactive dashboards.

            • we develop solutions for


              ManoMotion provides hand tracking and gesture based solutions for operation and control of industrial machines, industrial safety and maintenance.

            • we develop solutions for

              IOT, Smart homes, consumer electronics, etc.

              We offer integration and optimization across a multitude of platforms and devices. Get in touch with us to introduce hand tracking and gesture based control in your products and systems.

            get in touch

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